Maory Islands

Maory Islands

Cast Away

Come escape to your own private tropical island. Enjoy areas of tropical rain showers and sounds. Birds of all species, frogs and waves call you home to this detailed parcel. 4256 sqm area, with 0 sec eject off parcel security, control of parcel music stream.

PLEASE READ parcel info on how to get rezzing rights.

Furnished with option of couch, bed and tub removed to use your own.  More decor can be removed for prims with 4 wks tier.  75 available prims at 2295 L/wk. 

I want you to have your perfect home here at Jasper Estates!

Maory Islands

Paradaisu Kojima

Detailed landscaped private island, with sights, sounds and feel of an Asian Rainforest. Enjoy your large 11,888 sqm island, with home 3/4 furnished waiting for you to make it your own. 200 available prims at 3195 L/wk or option of 100 prims at 2995 L/wk.

Hit rental box for info card for directions of rezz rights, furniture options, etc.

Highest security settings, 0 sec eject off parcel, control of parcels music stream.

I want you to love this home!! IM with any questions, jasminesnow333

Maory Islands

Gilligan's Isle

Enjoy your own private island, furnished with beach frontage, pool and atolls. Sounds of Asian Rainforest, thunder showers in the distant, along with romantic wind light. 

Parcel size is 9584 sqm, unfurnished open concept pavilion with 250 available prims at 2095 L/wk. Highest privacy settings, 0 sec eject off parcel security, control of music stream.

Hit rental box for info card on rezz rights, etc.

I want you to love your new home so please IM with any questions. jasminesnow333 

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